The driving factors behind each homeowner’s decision to replace an existing asphalt driveway or walkway are numerous. One Call Paving Limited recommends asphalt replacement because it offers homeowners many benefits, as outlined below.

Safety: A new asphalt driveway or walkway can increase the safety of a property.

When an asphalt surface begins to deteriorate, it might begin as a small crack or pothole. Over time, especially given the treacherous winter conditions we experience here in Nova Scotia, those “small concerns” with the asphalt surface can turn into larger issues that pose a safety risk to homeowners and visitors. Deteriorated asphalt surfaces can pose a trip hazard and can create a condition where pedestrians are at risk of falling and injuring themselves. Additionally, potholes or settled asphalt surfaces can collect water, resulting in slippery conditions in the winter months. For most homeowners, keeping one’s property safe for children and visitors is a major driving factor is contacting One Call Paving for a new asphalt driveway or walkway installation.

Ease of Maintenance: A new asphalt surface makes for easier surface maintenance, especially in the winter months.

If you are reading this page, chances are you had difficulty keeping snow and ice off your asphalt driveway or walkway last winter. You might have been shovelling and dug into a crack or rut, causing your shovel to jam up. If you are able to utilize a snow blower or plow you might have had an easier time with snow and ice maintenance, but the asphalt surface is so uneven that you leave snow and ice behind when you are finished clearing the surface. This can be a bother and lead to unsafe conditions when temperatures drop below freezing. A new asphalt surface will make snow remove task much easier and provide a safer surface when your task is completed.

Curb Appeal & Increased Property Value: A new asphalt surface looks great and is a solid return on investment.

If you take short drive around your neighbourhood, your eyes will be drawn to properties that are well maintained. From the architecture of the home, to the complimentary landscape/hardscape design, to the asphalt driveway, a well maintained property will draw the gaze of passerby’s. If you take pride in the condition and maintenance of your property, then a well-constructed asphalt driveway installed by One Call Paving Limited is a solid investment. Whether you are a seller looking to attract top dollar for your property or a buyer looking to get the biggest bang for your buck, a new asphalt driveway is a focal point of any property and a solid “first impression” of your property.

At One Call Paving Limited, we recognize most homeowner’s wants to keep their property safe, easy to maintain, looking great, and cared for as the valuable investment a residential property is for most families. Give One Call Paving Limited a call today to learn more about our asphalt paving services.


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